Who We Are

Broad Street Legends is a simple concept. It’s a diehard Philly hockey fan making creative shirts for other fans.  My one man company began as a Kickstarter campaign and is continuously putting out new and original designs.  The shirts are honest, simple, and should resonate with anyone that bleeds orange and black.


All the ideas come from my head and my friends Brian (graphic design) and Seth (art) help make the concepts into shirts.  I hope you enjoy wearing the shirts as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them!

You can contact me at broadstreetlegends@gmail.com with ideas or any questions.


*Special thanks to Jeff Schroth, Brittany Albaugh, Anthony Trimboli, Christian Libich, and Michelle Sterling.  Your generous Kickstarter support that helped me get this started is appreciated more than you’ll ever know.*

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